Partnership Rendered Financial Services

Our experienced staff has served in a variety of senior business development and investment banking capacities with several prominent financial services and business planning organizations and a combined experience of over fifty years in a wide array of industries including Retail, Restaurant, Real Estate, Internet, Software, Life Sciences, Health Care, Communications, Info Technology, Consumer Products, Services, and Food/Beverage.

  • Detailed, comprehensive, and 100% custom business plans

  • 5-year pro-forma financial model based upon monthly projections in all 5 years

  • Thorough market analysis and competitive analysis

  • Expert-level growth strategy, marketing strategy, and financing strategy

  • Access to market research reports via subscription

  • Satisfaction guaranteed by implementing modifications at no additional cost

Ceunovo Investments, LLC has provided services to several hundred clients from a very wide array of industries and is particularly experienced with the following industries:


  • Internet

  • Consumer Products

  • Food & Beverage

  • Real Estate

  • Services

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Health Care

  • Energy

  • Apparel

  • Medical Device

  • Software

  • Biotechnology

  • Communication

  • Construction

  • Film/Music

Partnership Rendered Financial Planning services

Ceunovo Investmets, LLC have established a sophisticated network of partners to configure strategic portfolios for our clients. Our advisory services have help our customers achieve financial stability and the completion of their capital objectives.

We work with a multitude of professionals who offer several financial services to enhance oversight for our clients. Experienced financial oversight keeps you updated with changing market conditions and will help you develop a plan that will direct you and your company towards all long-term goals, with a specific emphasis placed on the oversight of financial accounts, you can increase the confidence in the stability of your company.

  • Get clear on your financial goals and values, what your current financial picture looks like, and what current limitations or hurdles you are facing.

  • Deliver your financial planning recommendations, actions items, and prioritized “to-do” list.

  • Review progress.

  • Measure progress, make adjustments, identify new action steps and address changes in your business.

  • Ongoing Access: E-mails and calls for accountability and to address changes along the way.

  • Partnered with our professional, friendly and encouraging advice, who will always act in your best interest.

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan: Put in to action a financial plan complete with an itemized checklist, an overview of your most important goals, a net worth statement, a cash flow projection, retirement projections, and recommendations in the below areas that apply.

  • Funding Advice: Before we present you Business and Financial Plans to our lending partners to fund your new projects, businesses, or ideas we will review your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, and any unique needs that you might have.

  • Investment allocation and your risk tolerance (i.e. how much fluctuation you can stomach in your business account balances)

  • Tax planning (i.e. how do we save you money)

  • Goal Prioriazation and Funding

  • Cash Flow and Spending Management

  • Debt Repayment (Credit Cards, Loans etc.)

  • Company Benefits Maximization: Insurance, HSAs, FSAs


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