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Next Phase in the Finance Evolution

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Must See Tokens

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  • We Create You Offshore Smart Contact/Token

  • We lift Your Token On Our Specialist Platform

  • We Send Your Tokens To Your Account (Air Wallet)

  • Management Can Transfer Free Tokens To Anyone

  • We Introduce You To Market Awareness Consultants

  • The Currency Of Consideration is Ethereum

  • All ERC20 Tokens On The Ethereum Blockchain

  • EthereumNo Can Be Converted Into USD Within Seconds

  • Recurring Fees, No Financial Statements Or Disclosure



  • Centralized Specialist Trading

  • No Short selling & Market Manipulation

  • Free Token Airdropped After Every Buy

  • Blockchain Transaction Impact Price

  • Free Air Wallet With Order Notification

  • Buy & Sell Tokens Easy In You Air Wallet

  • Token Prices Drop Only When Ethereum Drops



  • Algorithmic AI Price Setting

  • No Short Selling

  • No Market Manipulation

  • No Decreases In Token Values Due To Market Forces

  • Averaging Down Token Buyers

  • All Sell Orders Are Wholesale At Market or Below

  • Specialist AI Buys Tokens Wholesale From Seller

  • All Offers Get Partial Fills Based On Availability

  • Transferable Air Wallets With Private Keys for Security

  • Direct Control of Buys/Sell Orders Through Air Wallet

  • All Tokens Contract Holders Buy Back 40% Of Their Tokens Through Specialist

  • Free Token Giveaways & Prizes

  • Quick & Fast Delivery of Ethereum Into Your Air Wallet Post Sale



The Price of Ethereum

The Amount And Size

Of Buy Transactions

Dictate The Appreciative 

Value Of All Tokens


Token Prices Decrease

In Value Only When The

Price Of Ethereum Drops

On A Fluctuation Basis

There Is No Ability On

The Part Of Sellers To

Bring The Retail Price

Of The Token Down In Value

A Retail Buyer Of Tokens

Receives Free Tokens In

Their Air Wallet Of The

Token Purchased Which

Brings Their Average Cost


When Selling Tokens Investors Sell Wholesale Below The Retail Price Because Of The Free Tokens They Have Received In Their Air Wallets

All Buy/Sell Originate From The Air Wallet Where Investor Controls Their Account & Can Transfer Ethereum Out To Convert Into Flat Currency

Quick & Easy Notification Of Buy & Sell Orders Through The Air Wallet as Well As An Order Book To Track Completed Transactions. Sell Orders Are Placed Through The Air Wallet For Maximum Security

Tokens Prices Fluctuate In Value-Based On Confirmed Transactions That Appear On The Ethereum Blockchain & The Price of Ethereum 



  • A Token Is A Smart Contract Not A Company

  • Authorized, Issued & Circulating Supply Characterize Capital Structure

  • Market Capitalization Equals Price Per Share Times Issued Capital

  • Wall Street Multiples Do Not Apply In The Token Market

  • Real Value Of The Token Is Related To The Value Of Ethereum & Transactions

  • Once The Number Of Tokens Have Been Created, An Increase Is Impossible

  • Smart Contracts Don't Have Restricted Tokens Or Transfer Agents

  • All Tokens Can Be Traded Without Restriction

  • Smart Contracts Don't File Financial Statements Or Disclosure Docs

  • There Are No Brokers Or Centralized Market Makers In The Token Market

  • Ethereum Blockchain Tokens Are Exchanged For Ethereum In Trading The Token

  • Management Can Review It's Coin Holders Via Wallet Addresses & Blockchain

  • Air Wallets Replace Brokerage Accounts For Trading/Storing Tokens/Ethereum

  • Token Trading Relies Heavily On Public Forums

  • Markets Are Open To The Global Marketplace & Institutions

  • Token Values,) In Specialist Trading Platforms, No Short Selling


  • Quoted On One Market

  • Short Sellers Control The Value Traded

  • Need A Transfer Agent To Issue Freely Traded Stock

  • Need An Accountant To File Unaudited Financial Statements

  • Must File Disclosure Documents With OTC Markets

  • Need A Broker-Dealer To Clear Settle & Trade Your Stock

  •  ERC 20 TOKENSNeed To Show Value On Balance Sheets To Increase Stock Grows

  • Can Be Quoted On Multiple Markets

  • Specialist Trading Platforms Are Devoid Of Short Selling

  • No Transfer Agent Needed, All Tokens Are Freely Traded

  • Tokens Or Smart Contracts Don't File Financial Statements

  • Tokens Are Smart Contracts, They Don't Have Disclosure Doc·

  • No Broker/Dealer Needed As You Are Your Own Trader

  • Token Values Grows Because Of Transactions On Blockchain

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